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Riff is a new class of voice tool for teams to collaborate in real-time. Instant, frictionless and always on, Riff makes it feel like your team is back in the same room, so you can chat about work while focusing on the actual work.

Less distracting than Slack or Email, and faster than having to schedule and wait for a video call, Riff exists so that your team can regain peak efficiency.

Why Riff?

  • Solve a big problem. The next phase of knowledge work will increasingly happen remotely. This is not without challenges, especially when it comes to collaborating with your team. At Riff, we believe in teams ****that work together to make the sum greater than their parts. We are building Riff for the millions of teams that wish to move fast and drive change.
  • Join an exceptional team. You will be working alongside exceptional people who have gone through a high growth journey and built billion dollar companies before. Joining this early means you get a real opportunity to work closely with the founders, grow the team and shape the culture.
  • Join us at a magical time. We are backed by some of Europe's best investors, and have big ambitions. Riff is in its early stages, and we count on every single team member to shape its success.

Meet our co-founders

Isabel & Matt started Riff earlier this year, having experienced the pains of managing remote and distributed teams for many years in their previous roles.

Isabel was previously a VC at Balderton Capital and early employee at BlaBlaCar, where she led their international expansion into 22 markets and headed the strategy team.

Matt is an expert in AI approaches to search and discovery and was previously co-founder and CTPO of video search pioneer Blinkx, which he took through IPO and grew to a market cap. of >$1bn.


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Tech stack

  • React
  • C
  • C++
  • Node.js
  • CSS


Undisclosed salary

Lead UI Developer

Undisclosed salary

Full-stack Engineer


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